Taifun - the eye

Technical data :


Diameter inside : 18,7 mm

Diameter outside : 23 mm

completely length for using 18650 battery : 122 mm


Supply voltage Ui

(automatically monitored)

One single unprotected Li-battery with min. 2.8 volt and max. 4.6 volt under load!

Output voltage Uo

(automatically monitored)

Adjustable between 2.5 volt and 8.0 volt in U-mode

Up to 8.0 volt in I- and P-mode

The output voltage is not more than twice the supply voltage
(e.g. Ui = 3.7V → Uo max. = 7.4V)

Output current Io

(automatically monitored)

Adjustable between 1.5 and 5.0 Ampere in I-mode

Up to 5.0 amps in U- and P-mode (7.8 amps in hot start, but max. 24 watt)

Output power Po

(automatically monitored)

Adjustable between 5.0 and 24.0 watt in P-mode

Up to 24.0 watt in U- and I-mode

Evaporator resistance Ro

(automatically monitored)

Supported are 0.7 to 6.0 ohms

Standby current

~0.5 milliampere (standby or after 2 seconds without operation)

Hot start

2 levels


three-digit 7-segment LED-Display


Silent button with gold contacts for long lifetime

Key illumination

bi-colored (red / green)

Control modes

Power control (P-mode) in 0.5 watt steps

Voltage control (U-mode) in 0.1 volt steps

Current control (I-mode) in 0.1 amp steps

(automatic conversion when changing the control mode)

Alarm threshold for low battery power

2.9 - 3.6 volt in 0.1 volt steps

Cut-off threshold for low battery power

2.8 - 3.5 volt in 0.1 volt steps (Please note the battery manufacturers cut-off voltage!)

Resistance measurement

Integrated resistance measurement in 0.1 ohms (rounded!)

Voltage measurement

Idle and with current load in 0.1 volt steps

Degree of efficiency

Depending on the load between 86% and 95%

Safety mechanisms

Reverse battery protection

Integrated over-temperature protection

Unintended trigger guard (Standby)